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International Public Relations and Communication since 2015 on a Global scale with Local focus, specialized in Public Affairs and managing high-brands reputation in multiple sectors with method and flexibility, filling the gaps to the public and efficiently channeling their communication.

We are a full-service branding-creative agency offering strategy, design and production across all platforms in an omni-channel global vision. Art direction and campaign production is one of our specializations and we make the difference as we channel sales from creativity to Social to Direct PR, Communication and the ultimate Investor and Public Relations and Public Affairs  experience.

BRANDTRACTION is our integrated marketing method to place a brand as a STAR on the market (BCG point of view) and it's made of 5 pillars, bringing the client into a constellation of strategic branding services. Order our company profile here.

We are also known for exclusive top-class events. Our Signature event is The Executive Award.

Based in Switzerland, we are the glocal division for in Europe, USA, Emirates with direct partnerships across many Countries.


Beside our Branding competence, our experience in Public Affairs and Investor and Public Relations and the deep knowledge and direct contact with our Communities made us found what we call a Corporate \ Private Office and create a specific DIVISION to support our private and corporate clients to reach their goals and fill the gaps in some geographic areas and properly channel their communication. Read more.

In the specific target of HNWI Executives and Decision Makers, we are the partner and communication division of  The Executive Award and United Impact.

We also have our own catering division Garbo Food, to make our own events and those ones of our clients unforgettable.

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Garbo PR



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